Meet Rina- a disabled, queer, trans person of color with a love of creating- be it games, videos, crafts, graphics and more!The pixel pup is Petunia, Rina's service dog! Click below to find Petunia's GoFundMe

Graphic Design
Rina is currently available for graphic design and photo editing/ photomanipulation jobs.
As a designer their priority is accessibility while maintaining aesthetic.They have made a variety of graphics from Twitch overlays
to cosplay edits, emotes, game layouts, and more.

Witchy Things
Rina has been practicing various kinds of witchcraft and spiritual work for over a decade.
They are versed in tarot, aura reading, palm reading, astrological placements, cleansings, charm preparation, compatibilities and more.Please email or fill out the linked Google form for more information and pricing.

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Rina has hosted and performed in many actual plays, including multiple on the official Wizards of the Coast and D&D Beyond Twitch channels.Rina has also provided voices on The Graveyard Tapes and Macbeth as well as several smaller projects. They are always open for more opportunities to act on camera or on mic. Please send an email or submit a form to get in touch about performance opportunities.

Actual Plays Playlist
and Voice Acting Reel

Rina finds great joy in making trendy and fun content for Tiktok, Instagram and Twitch.As a jack of all trades they love variety streaming on Twitch and posting tons of things from cosplay to memes to trending challenges because they know what makes Tiktok "tick"!They are currently open to collaboration opportunities in content creation for TTRPGS, video games, cosplay and more . Please send an email or fill out this form to get in touch!

Rina is an Ennie Nominated game designer, with a love for the whimsical and mysterious which is reflected in their games.Their independent games are all available for sale on their Itch.io page.Rina is also currently available for freelance writing projects. Please email or fill out the linked Google form for more information and pricing.

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"Rina was a joy to work alongside on ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area. Their eye for detail and the care they put into their work was evident in the depth of their notes and their willingness to communicate about concerns. As both a translation checker and sensitivity reader, Rina helped ensure that ValiDate launched with careful attention paid to the routes they managed."

Rina has done sensitivity consultation for a variety of projects, including Limitless Heroics and ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area. They have also provided translation services for Slaad Symbiote Sorcerer.Rina is currently open available for cultural & sensitivity consulting, as well as Spanish translation projects. Please email or fill out the linked Google form for more information and pricing.